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Maidenhair Fern

Maiden Hair Fern Village Flowers Bentleigh
Maiden Hair Fern Village Flowers Bentleigh
Beautifully delicate maidenhair ferns are a popular indoor plant.

Maidenhair fern are a beautiful delicate fern well suited to indoor environments. Although they do require more attention than some indoor plants, there are a couple of simple rules that should keep your maidenhair fern happy.

Firstly, although the fern does not like to dry out, over watering is its number one enemy. Small regular amounts of water are best. In winter watering once a week is generally enough – but check every few days to ensure the soil hasnt dried out. In summer the fern will need more water be sure not to over do it – excess water will cause the leaves to turn brown.

Secondly the Maidenhair fern hates a drafty environments so if possible place in an area away from either cold or warm drafts.

These ferns make a beautiful addition to your indoor decor so taking a little time to sort out the care of your fern is well worth it.