Returns & Refunds

At the Village Flower Store we take great pride in our work and in our customer service. We take any dissatisfaction with any service or product we supply very seriously and as such will do our very best to resolve any issues that may have occurred. Please do not hesitate to contact us  immediately if you have any concerns about products or services you have purchased from our store.

Our refunds and returns are dealt with and decided on a case by case basis, but the following outlines our policies and procedures to ensure a smooth process in the unlikely event that a refund or return is deemed necessary.

Errors in Ordering

Sometimes mistakes are made when our customers are ordering their flowers online. If you make an error in an order – such as an incorrect item, quantity or delivery address or date etc please contact us as soon as possible. We can correct any mistakes you may have made or change orders up until the time your order is onboard for delivery.

Occasionally we may notice that an order appears to contain incorrect information. In such cases we will attempt to contact you in order to clarify an order. If we are unable to make contact with you and you have not contacted us by the time your order is onboard for delivery we will consider the order to be correct and deliver it as ordered.

Cancelling Orders

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may need to cancel an order. If you do need to cancel your order please contact us immediately.

For most cancellations we can offer a full refund of the purchase price. A full refund will be offered with the following conditions::

Orders can not be cancelled and refunded once delivery has been made.

Orders can not be cancelled once your items are onboard for delivery.

Orders totalling under $150.00 (AUD) you will not be charged a cancellation fee as long as the item is not already onboard for delivery or has not already been delivered.

For orders totalling over $150.00 (AUD) a cancellation fee will not be charged as long as you cancel the delivery 48 hours before the specified delivery date. If you cancel on the day of delivery, provided the order is not already onboard for delivery or has not already been delivered, you will be charged 50% of the total amount of the order. The remaining 50% of order total will be returned to your account.

Change of Mind

As long as the order hasn’t already been delivered or isn’t already onboard with the driver, we would be happy to try and accommodate a change of mind and refund/recharge the difference in amount if applicable. We are unable to accept change of mind requests once a delivery is onboard with our delivery driver.

Seasonal Availability

We always do our best to ensure that we accurately re-create the flowers you have chosen for delivery. We have procedures in place to ensure that we rarely need to make substitutions to our products.

However very occasionally we will have to make minor substitutes of  flowers due to seasonal availability. This happens rarely but where necessary we will always endeavour to provide you with flowers that resemble very closely the colour and style of bouquet you have chosen.

Where we are unable to fulfill an order due to unavailability of flowers which would make a substantial difference to the appearance of your ordered bouquet, we will attempt to contact you before making up and delivering your order. If you are happy to go ahead with our suggested replacement flowers we will then process your order.

In cases where you do not want replacements we are happy to cancel your order and provide you with a full refund. Alternatively we have a skilled team who would be happy to offer suggestions for alternative bouquets which may suit your needs.

If you are unable to get back to us before your flowers are onboard for delivery and we have made substitutions we will assume that you have accepted these changes as per our terms and conditions.   

Perishable Items

Due to the perishable nature of many of the products we sell including our fresh flowers and plants, any request for refunds or exchanges must be made within 24 hours. In the case of purchases of perishable items made and taken from our retail shop, the 24 hour period commences from the time the items are taken by you from our premises. In terms of items purchased for delivery by us the 24 hour period commences from the time the perishable items are delivered to the recipient.

Refunds for flower and plant deliveries and purchases will be made on a case by case basis.

When contacting us with your concerns we ask that you provide us with a photo of the flowers or bring the flowers into the shop.

We have many years of experience in handling flowers and can generally assess quite quickly what has gone wrong with your flowers after delivery.

On the rare occasion if flowers are delivered which we subsequently deem to have been of poor quality or if the wrong item was sent to the recipient, we are happy to offer a refund or replacement. A replacement in such situations will of course include free delivery.

If on the other hand we can clearly see that the flowers have not been cared for on arrival ie they have not been placed in water or have been placed in front of a heater or in the sun, then we do not offer a refund or replacement. We deliver our flowers with a small card detailing care instructions so rest assured this rarely occurs.

Please Note: When purchasing flowers from our store, please be sensible with your treatment of your bouquets. Flowers much like humans need water and do not like extended periods in hot cars.

Items Purchased in our Store

For all items purchased in our store including flowers and plants we require a receipt or digital proof of purchase before an exchange or refund can be issued.

Non-perishable items (items which are not flowers or plants)  can only be exchanged or refunded if they are in their original condition. Exchanges or refunds on non-perishable items must be made within 30 days of purchase. For exchanges or refunds on flowers and plants please read the above “Perishable Items” section.

Delivery Fees

We are not able to provide refunds for delivery if you have given us an incorrect delivery address. If re-delivery is required due to an incorrect delivery address you will be charged the delivery fee required for the selected re-delivery suburb.

Replacement & Returns of Flowers & Plants

In the case of replacement flowers being issued, we request that the original items be returned to us for assessment. This will be picked up at the same time as the replacement is delivered. We do not charge for this re-delivery..

In the case where it is determined that a refund will be issued, we may request to have the flowers or plants returned to us for inspection. In such a case we organize to have the item picked up at our cost.

Refund Processing

Refunds will be issued into the account from which you made your purchse. Purchases made via credit card will be refunded back onto that credit card. Purchases made through Paypal will be refunded into the Paypal account used for payment.

It may take up to four working days for refunds to appear in you account.If you have any concerns about your refund please don’t hesitate to contact us.